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Redesigning the Layout of Paper Mill unit using Some Common Heuristics Algorithms to reduce cost of - Sachin Thakkar

The purpose of the present work to minimize the cost incurred amongst the departments of a certain layout by changing place of department. There are varieties of choices available to impl..

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A Review- Production of Metal Matrix Composites through Stir Casting Method - PATEL .

Engineering materials play a very crucial role in the growth of modern technology. These days’ designers demand better physical and tribological properties from materials. However, conven..

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Performance Evaluation of Parallel and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger using Nanofluid - Krishna Patel

Nano Fluids are mixture of nanoparticles in base fluids like water, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol etc. The nanoparticles used in the nanofluids are made up of metals, metal oxides, ca..

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Rotary tiller is one of the tillage tools which gets own motion from tractor power take off (PTO) and it had been designed for blend to soil. Soil traffic is decreased to great extent wit..

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Design Modification and Analysis of Exhaust valve of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Engine to Improvei - Yajuvendra Shekhawat

In today’s world pollution is one of the most important problem in this world. The pollution through vehicles contributes to overall pollution. CNG fuel is discovered in order to reduce..

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